Floating Stones Artwork

Floating Stones Creations: Mining and Working the stones

Richard Williamson working at his family business, Floating Stones

Richard Williamson works at his family business Floating Stones, cutting and polishing natural stone spheres and other articles. The spheres, made from selected Australian rock and semi precious stones, can be made into water features, floating and rotating on a microfilm of water. Sometimes the base they sit on is as interesting and creative as the ball.

The selection includes many varieties but Tiger Iron, Tiger Eye, and Orbicular Granite are some of the preferred stone used and found locally in Western Australia.

Selected pieces are set in frames carved from Australian timber to enhance the stone and facilitate their display as Art works or Nature's paintings. Slices used are also available unframed.

If you are interested in finding out more information about how to purchase one of these unique pieces of artwork, please contact the artist, Richard Williamson, directly at richard@floatingstones.com.au or you may mail him directly at PO Box 120, Donnybrook, Western Australia 6239.